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    How to Start Earning with Only £100 Investment?

    How to Start Earning with Only £100 Investment?

    If you are bored of your 9-to-5 job and want to start something of your own, all you need is £100 only. Most people assume that they can never start a business unless they invest thousands of pounds. But there are real-life cases which began with only a little investment even during their high school and ended up earning millions of pounds years later. For example, people who invested in Apple stocks in the early 2000s now own thousands of worth of shares today. You can also be this person a few years later, and you don’t necessarily have to invest in big companies only. Investing in a simple business like Chatler perfumes is simple, easy, and gives instant earning. The best thing is that the initial investment could be as low as 100 pounds only.

    How to get started?

    The biggest problem with starting a business is making your mind. Just because your investment is low doesn’t mean that you can’t take the first step. Also, starting low absolutely doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed. Here is a simple idea of how to start a business with only 100 pounds in hand. 

    Chatler perfumes is a best-selling perfume brand that is a favorite of thousands of people in all parts of the world. Selling perfumes is an excellent idea because of its high demand as everyone likes to smell good. But the real problem is the price; the high-end perfumes are way above the budget of an average earning person. So affordable fragrances are among the top Google searches. 

    The perfume industry is a booming business, which is estimated to be 92 billion dollars’ worth. Wholesale perfumes are a lucrative business idea for people of all ages and sexes. This industry is so big that no matters how many people join, it continues to expand more. Combining all this information together, Chatler perfumes brand offers so many different types of fragrances that too at an amazingly affordable price. So, in simplest words, you can purchase Chatler perfumes at wholesale price and sell them, earning a small profit.

    How to buy Chatler perfumes?

    You can buy different types of Chatler perfumes online, at a wholesale price. The wholesale rate is much lower than the consumer price, which gives a clear margin on saving the cost.  Within £100 as an initial investment, you can purchase a fairly good number of perfumes to call yourself an entrepreneur. 

    You can browse all the products available at wholesale rates and may expand your options. If you are sure about investing in Chatler perfumes alone, view its catalog and shortlist your options in best perfumes for men and best chatler perfumes for women.  The order is directly placed and follows a flexible way to deliver the order.

    Complete a market survey to determine the best-selling perfumes for men and women and pick the best choices. Some of the best-selling perfumes for men include CH Men Exist, Chatler Survive, Chatler Dolce Men Gold, etc. For women, the best Chatler perfumes include Chatler Elen Sweet Woman, Chatler Aloha Woman, No.4 Chatler Woman, etc. 

    How to sell these perfumes?

    Once you get your hands on the chatler perfumes, next is to design its sale strategy. Technically, for all physical stores, you will need space, budget, and traveling. But you can save all this cost by selling chatler perfumes online. The best part is that you don’t even have to create a website or join hands with an already running business to do that. All you need is an electronic gadget (laptop, phone, or tablet), an internet connection, and a bank account to receive payments. 

    The easiest idea is to create a Facebook page and list your perfumes along with the quoted price. You may market your page into various online shopping groups or spend a little on paid promotions by Facebook. Once people get to know about your business of chatler perfumes, you may request them for referrals and give a small discount on referring a new customer. If you are not into Facebook, the alternative idea is to sell chatler perfumes through Instagram. Once your perfumes start selling, you can even build your website and take direct orders. 


    Tips to increase your earnings

    Although selling chatler perfumes online is already a profitable small business. But if you want to earn more out of this business, you can try some smart tricks.

    •  Run promotions for your products, or give a discount for first-time buyers.
    • Post customer reviews of your dealing with them. 
    •  Introduce bundle offers on buying one or more chatler perfumes. 
    •  Give gifts with all orders, especially during valentine’s day or Christmas. 
    • Launch gift cards or gift packs of chatler perfumes for a minimum price. 
    • Add an option of sending a card along with perfume delivery. 
    • Offer free delivery on bigger orders.